Living on the edge


The Cloud City GRAND PRIX approaches! From the Tourist District to the lowest levels of the Industrial Sector, the streets are abuzz with little else, and for a few days, the looming threat of the GALACTIC EMPIRE seems distant and unimportant.

Chatter and speculation surrounds the three teams already entered – though perhaps that which had sparked the most intrigue are the rumours last-minute appearance of an unknown team from the fringes of the galaxy seeking a place.

Possibly the only other favourite topic of conversation is the speculation on the grand ball which follows, at which the most influential of Cloud City’s elite will laud the victory of the Grand Prix Champions and the celebrations which will flood the whole station.

Sensing opportunity amid the excitement, a Pantoran woman by the name of ARIS SHEN has made contact with a small group of outlaws with specialist skills, and arranged to meet with them at MARKET ROW, but she is not alone…


While consisting extensive repairs in the NABAT dockyards on RYLOTH, a band of outcasts planned to lie low – a plan now in serious jeopardy!

Terrorist action in the IMPERIAL SECTOR of the city has caused major disruption and lock down of all non-imperial offworld traffic. Teams of STORMTROOPERS patrol the streets, and a strict curfew is in place in all major cities.

Although many of the locals have fled the cities for their caves in the country, those with business to conduct or nowhere else to go, stay behind under the rule of near MARTIAL LAW.

With an agonising wait before departure plans can be processed, it comes as a surprise to receive a notification from the GUILD OF BOUNTY HUNTERS. It seems that one of MURAGA THE HUTT’S LIEUTENANTS, a Twi’lek by the name of ADEK TRESK is in town, and someone is displeased enough with him to have PLACED A BOUNTY ON HIS HEAD


It is the one-year anniversary of THE EMPIRE’S first defeat at the hands is the REBEL ALLIANCE at the BATTLE OF YAVIN. While rebel propaganda paints it as the beginning of the Emperor’s downfall, the Imperial presence along the scattered worlds of the Rim has never been greater.

Meanwhile, fresh from rescuing NAWNAM THE HUTT from his failed attempt at assassinating MURAGA THE HUTT, the crew prepares to depart MOS ESPA, spending a last few hours enjoying the hospitality of the fallen crime lord.

Suddenly, the unmistakeable scream of TIE FIGHTERS overhead shatters the everyday hubbub, and people of all shapes and sizes spill into the streets in time to see an IMPERIAL SHUTTLE touching down in the spaceport…


Having traced their newly-discovered STYGIUM CRYSTAL to Mercenary Scout RENCI TOSH, a small band of misfits track her to ORD MANTELL, only to discover that she has was stranded in a crash, and on the run from a local crime lord.

Despite trouble with an independent security force, and the capture of one of their number, they agreed to help her salvage her ship, and made their way through the vast scrapyards of the planet to the crash site. Once there, they discovered that the wreck of her Y-Wing had been scavenged by RAIDERS!

After tracking the raiders back to their lair, they laid a trap for the CHIEF and his retinue, GUNNING THEM DOWN as they returned from the spaceport.

Now in control of the raider’s transport, they prepare to seize the main camp, as one of their number lies FROZEN IN CARBONITE, awaiting shipping back to BARON RISALL


Having successfully infiltrated TRIDENT STATION and selling a cargo of weapons to BLACK SUN, the crew planted a series of data mining bugs throughout the station’s computer system. While there, they accidentally came to the attention of a psychopathic assassin droid in the employ of BARON RISALL who intended to collect the bounties on their heads.

After a narrow escape, they returned to collect the info-siphon and took the downloads to the DATA GHOST, who revealed the contents of the GENELOCKED VAULT to be an encoded Imperial transmission log referring to a scout by the name of RENCI TOSH, and a sizeable chunk of rare STYGIUM CRYSTAL.

Following her trail in the hopes of learning more has led to a dive cantina orbiting ORD MANTELL, where the dregs of the galaxy come to hide…


Having struck a deal with the shadowy slicer known only as THE DATA GHOST, a handful of smugglers and outlaws have agreed to infiltrate TRIDENT STATION, an asteroid mining colony under the control of AZO FLAXE, a BLACK SUN weapons dealer.

In exchange for placing a series of SLICE-TAPS on the Black Sun servers, the Data Ghost has agreed to unseal the GENELOCKED VAULT and reveal the mysteries it contains.

Upon the offer of a cargo of CONCUSSION MISSILE TUBES recovered from Imperial wreckage, Azo Flaxe has agreed to a meeting aboard Trident Station, but she first demands a show of trustworthiness…


After escaping from Imperial clutches and laying low, a band of WANTED OUTLAWS have emerged from hiding to pursue both legal business ventures and less honourable opportunities.

Having established an arrangement with LILANA WHITMARE, smuggler and rebel sympathiser, to trade weapons liberated from the wreckage of the BATTLE OF YAVIN, they turn their attention to matters from their past.

Travelling to CORUSCANT, bright heart of the Empire, they have sought out the services of a shadowy figure known only as THE DATA GHOST in hopes of revealing the contents of the GENELOCKED VAULT, recovered from a fallen nemesis.

As they descend the decrepit transit system into the heart of the ALIEN PROTECTION ZONE, it becomes unclear just who is being protected…


Having fled from imprisonment aboard the Imperial Frigate VIGILANCE, one small band of mercenaries spent several weeks in hiding as WANTED FUGITIVES, patching their ship and tending to the medical needs of their new ally STIMM, the gene-twisted soldier.

Meanwhile, MURAGA THE HUTT grows ever more impatient while awaiting the conclusion of the deal that he set in motion – THEIR FREEDOM for STIMM’S LIFE.

Now, with supplies low and judging that the time is right, they have re-surfaced, returning to THYFERRA to collect their CARGO OF BACTA and deliver it to their REBEL CONTACT in the NEXUS ORTA SYSTEM.

As they drop out of hyperspace the ship shudders and screams and PROXIMITY KLAXONS sound a deafening wail – they have been thrown into the middle of a DENSE ASTEROID CLUSTER and almost certain destruction!


BETRAYAL! After being coerced by Bespin Security Chief MAREK QUAY to track a shipment of SPICE to it’s source, a small band of outcasts traced it to MURAGA THE HUTT, and his plan to exchange the drug for an upper hand in the ANNUAL GUNDARK HUNT on Vanqor.

Entering the hunt themselves, and enlisting the help of former suspect STIM and his ENHANCED SOLDIER brotherhood, they shadowed Muraga’s team, and discovered that the spice was being traded to officers of the GALACTIC EMPIRE!

Putting an end to the deal, they called in Marek to arrest the remaining offenders, only to discover that Marek was an undercover operative of the IMPERIAL SECURITY BUREAU, and was responsible for the creation of the enhanced soldiers that he sent them out to capture. Confronted by an entire battalion of ISB STORMTROOPERS, there were no other options but to surrender themselves to Imperial justice…


When a simple ALCOHOL SMUGGLING job went wrong, a small band of misfits and had no choice but to cooperate with BESPIN LOCAL SECURITY CHIEF MAREK QUAY to avoid the much more serious charges of SPICE TRAFFICKING.

Tasked to follow the now-revealed shipment of spice to it’s ultimate buyer, they negotiated CLOUD CITY’S criminal underworld, confronted DRUG-ENHANCED FANATICAL THUGS and managed to snatch the shipment off-world to deliver it to its next destination.

Now, with strict instructions to CALL IN MAREK when the find the ultimate buyer, and on the lookout for a MYSTERIOUS FIGURE named STIM, they jump into hyperspace, headed for THE PLANET VANQOR, on their way to meet the potential buyer, a TOYDARIAN front-man named WEEKO NEEKS


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