Quill Ix

Mon Calamari Field Surgeon


Quill’s Attire
A necklace consisting of a pearl inlay into black coral which was a family heirloom belonging to his mother.
Light under clothes
Light Battle Armour of Armourplast with a vacuum seal
Apron made from the hide of a Midnight Reef Ray. A hide know for it’s antibacterial qualities and feels like worked leather
Knee length lab coat. As Wauz told him he needed to look the part. People expect it and respect the coat
An all-weather cloak of exceptional quality which he once accepted as payment for surgery
Ornate shoulder plate. Based on an ancient Mon cal armour. Presented to him as a gift from some of the survivors of the Deep Reef Revolt
Blaster pistol in a shoulder holster


Growing up on Dac, the only child of Qetholh and Wahhid Ix. As a child, Quill moved around a lot. His parents taking work wherever they could find it. This sometimes meant doing the dirty jobs, hard labour, or industrial work. Sometimes it was working the coral sweeps or the gutting of giant Krakanas. When time were really tough and work was scarce, they would be out in the streets or at the markets selling handcrafted baubles and trinkets.

To help Quill maintain a steady education his father Qetholh bought an old run down TTS-15 tutor droid. Which he and Quill worked on together restoring it to good working order.

Over the years, Quill became quite familiar with the training programmes and tutorials in the droid’s memory banks. Xeno-Biology, Computers Science, and Mathematics packages. It wasn’t long before Quill knew it’s tutorial programmes inside out. He also went to some length to acquire a few new programmes including A Guide to the Core Worlds and Galactic History in Brief. He also started reprogramming and expanding the droids memory capacity and intelligence well beyond its factory settings.

Shortly before reaching his adult years Quill’s mother Wahhid died in an industrial accident. Working for a Quarren owned coral processing facility. With little love between the Quarren’s and the Mon Calamari the investigation into the cause of death was brief and found nothing.

Following the tragedy and to start afresh, Quills and his father moved to Aleutian Trench where his father had gotten a job. The work was dangerous but high paying. Quill himself had been fortunate also, managing to obtain a part scholarship at the Aleutian Trench Medical Academy.

However, their new found fortune was not to last. Unsafe practices and prolonged exposure to improperly shielded industrial chemicals resulted in Qetholh falling ill. Not wanting to distract his son from his studies, and wishing to provide for him as long as possible Qetholh kept it a secret. Despite his failing health, he continued as long as he could. Some months later the signs of illness became more visible. By the time Quill had found out it was too late and the disease had ravaged his father’s body

After his fathers passing and unable to financially support himself Quill dropped out of the academy and enlisted in the Aleutian Trench Security Force.

Once basic training was completed Quill was transferred to the medical corps to continue his training as a field medic. After graduation, he served for several years. Doing a number of tours, mostly going on patrols and in two notable actions against Quarren radicals, The Quarren Uprising and the Deep Reef Revolt. During the latter, he was instrumental in the evacuation of Aleutian Trench Medical Facility earning himself some distinction within the corps.

Due to the political tensions between the Mon Calamai and the Quarren representatives his actions were kept from public knowledge.
As a reward for his service, Quill was given his choice of duties. He opted for advancing his skills as a physician, and so was fast-tracked into the surgeon training programme.

After years of tending to wounds in the heat of battle, Quills surgery technique left a lot to be desired. There was no doubt of his speed or effectiveness of his skills. His trouble lay in other areas.
His skills didn’t extend to cosmetic considerations. Often leaving patients with jagged scaring due to hasty suturing. Sometimes large entry incisions, which Quill found were more conducive to the surgery but would leave the patient disfigured. His view was always to keep the person alive first, then what they might look like as a result. His patients in the infantry never cared and wore their scares proudly.
The surgeons training him held a different view. This added to the friction he felt from those training him. The insults didn’t help either nicknames like “hatchet” and “stitches” from his colleagues where some of the tamest ones. These Surgeons had never been in the field with men dying around them.

As soon as Quill had finished his training, and missing the camaraderie of the infantry of the front line. He transferred out of surgery. Eventually, he found a happy medium working on the medivac teams. Learning and rotating through the other roles in the team, including the pilot. Meaning he could perform any task, in case anything happened on a mission. Due to his skill and experience, his team was often called on for the more dangerous assignments.

When Imperial rule came, the military forces were largely disbanded. What was left was reorganised into a peacekeeping force mainly consisting of Quarren and Imperial sympathisers.
This force mainly used as a tool of the Imperial subjugation of the populace.
Due to Quill’s extensive training, he was kept on under a Quarren command structure. Making his life tortuous. Having no love for the Quarren or the Imperials, Quill only stuck around to use his position to feed information to the Dac Insurgency. With the help of his old TTS-15 as a go-between.

As time went on he became more reckless in his information gathering using the defence computers gain more and more intel. It wasn’t long before his actions were brought to the attention of his new superiors, though surprisingly at the hands of a fellow surgeon. A Mon Cal by the name of Eittk Wruakis. Though no physical proof arose Quill was discharged from service under trumped up charges of misconduct. And the TTS-15 droid was destroyed.

Although no longer in the service Quill continued to help the resistance when he could. Though being more cautious than ever and always indirectly.

Despite his careful efforts Quill sensed the net was closing round him. Risking everything he contacting the insurgency. For his long service, they provided false documents and passage off world.

Even outside Imperial rule, there are eyes everywhere and Quill could not shake the thought that he was being tracked. For a time, Quill would jump from crew to crew bartering his services in exchange for passage.


Growing weary of the endless pursuit Quill sought a respite. On the planet of Pakuuni he had heard that if one had the will, they could obtain a new untraceable identity. Quill seeking an end to his problem spent months tracking down the elusive Toydarian surgeon Wauz’zob.
In a run down district on the outskirts of the Nahli Warrens, Quill found what he was looking for.

In exchange for changing his appearance, identity, and the surgeon’s silence. Quill agreed to assist Wauz with his surgeries.
Though Quill wasn’t as skilled in the cosmetic surgeries, he could assist in the more complex procedures, providing an additional pair of hands. He could also prove useful in the more mundane and routine surgeries. Dealing with blaster and blade wounds with the utmost discretion and for a considerable fee. With the bargain struck, Quill underwent procedures to change his bone structure, skin tones and eye colouring.

For the next five years, Quill assisted the Wauz until the Toydarian’s past deeds finally caught up with him. Wauz realised Quill from his service, though not the remainder of his debt. Which he may one day call in.

So Quill goes back to what he knows is safe. Joining up with a crew and being on the move. Bartering his skills for passage and payment.


Quill Ix

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