Kelvin (Kel) Kane

Force-sensitive Assassin


Personnel File

Age: 24

Race/Sex: Human male

Planet of Origin: Unknown (grew up on Rorak IV in Hutt space as a slave)

Description: Standing just over 6 foot with a slim to medium build. black hair and blue/grey eyes. Described as having a handsome face, though his jaw is a little too chiseled and his mouth a little too broad.

Secret file: Kel’s earliest memory has always been as a slave to Grondo the Hutt, who saw in him great potential and so kept the boy in his palace and had him trained by the best marksmen credits could buy. Little did he know that Grondo had bought Kel as a baby after his parents were murdered during the jedi purge (Order 66), he had aspirations of having his own jedi bodyguard.


For the last 2 years Kel has been “on the run”, from his former master and his masters enemies, the last 6 months of which has been with his current group of “friends”.

Prior to this he spent 4 years in extensive training to be a bodyguard/assassin to Grondo the Hutt.

- Begin holo playback -

Kel could not understand how he had arrived at this situation, was Grondo testing his loyalty? True he was trained in the basics of target abduction and extraction but there were better beings than him for this job and the target, Sola Gunstar, one of Durga the Hutts most prized slaves, one part entertainer, one part slicer and all part hot babe was also Kels secret girlfriend, when they had the time.

Maybe Grondo had discovered their little tryst and was indeed testing his loyalty. Either way this was not going to end well, because his mission was to kill her after she extracted information on Durga the Hutts business dealings and contacts.


The first part of the plan was easy. During a Hutt clan council tabled by Grondo, Kel snuck into Sola’s chamber and after a little pleasure got down to business, he told Sola the plan.

Kel knew it wouldn’t take much for Sola to agree to help him. They had been talking for months about trying to escape, both knowing that their relationship would be doomed if they stayed.

The second part of the plan was a little trickier. Sola managed to smuggle Kel onboard Durga’s transport and after surprising and eliminating the two guards and pilot, she was able to hack in and retrieve the information.

“This is worth millions to the right buyer” she said before planting a big kiss on Kel’s mouth.

Kel grinned, “Yeah but if we hand this over to Grondo, while escaping, he may just let us goooo…..” Kel caught himself before hitting the floor. His head spinning like he’d been hit by a rancor.

He looked over at Sola, trying to focus on her, but was unable to.

“Sorry babe, we can’t just hand this over. It’s worth too much. You and I are gonna be rich.” She reached over and stroked his cheek. “You’ll see that when you wake up.”
With that Kel’s eyes rolled into the back of his head and he passed out.

When he came too, it was to a shocking pain to his face.

WHERE IS SHE?” came a gutteral voice.

Another strike to the face, then another.

The pain was intolerable.

ARRRRRRGH”, Kel’s eyes shot open. He didn’t recognise his surroundings but he did know the two beings directly infront of him, whaling on his head. They were two of Grondo’s cronies. One of them was in the motion of striking him again, he couldn’t let that happen, but his hands were restrained.

A strong feeling of anger mixed with determination to win through this filled Kel’s mind and then it fed down through the rest of his body, he felt like he was going to explode and with a shout of defiance he hurled his emotions at the two beings, who with shocked looks on their faces were flung across the room into the opposite wall to slide broken to the ground.


Kel slowly looked left and right. There was no one else in the room. Now that he was lucid he could see that it was a small self contained apartment, definately not the ship that he and Sola had been on before he had passed out.

He looked over to the two thugs on the floor. Neither of them were moving. he tried to wrest free from his bonds, with no success. Maybe one of those two have the key, he thought. He found he could stand up, though he was shaken and weak, he managed to stumble over to the bodies, then getting down onto the floor and turning around, he was able to rummage through their pockets with his fingers.

Intuition told him to try the one on the left, he dug into the top pocket and found a small metal key. He whooped as loudly as he thought was safe. How lucky was that he thought as he nimbly stuck the key into the cuffs and turned them. The cuffs fell off and hit the floor with a dull thud. Wasting no time he looted the two prone goons and the rest of the unit. They are both carrying blaster pistols and enough creds to buy a ticket off whatever rock he was on, the unit itself contained nothing of interest, probably a hotel room, thought Kelvin.

Somehow he made it off planet without incident, no one was probably looking for him because he was already captured. But that wouldn’t be the case for long. He had to get as many light years as possible between him and Grondo the Hutt. Then he would start looking for Sola.

Kelvin spent the next 18 months travelling the space lanes looking for Sola and taking on petty hitman jobs to pay his way, occasionally dodging Grondos henchmen. He had one particularly close call on Ord Mantell, when some Imperial freak in black weilding a laser sword busted in on him taking on a bunch of Grondos goons, in the ensuing chaos Kelvin leapt off the balcony onto a passing speeder truck, looking back up he could still make out the glow from the laser sword and the occasional blaster flash. Obviously the Imp had business with Grondo, best to let them finish it without him getting in the way.

Eventually though he started to lose hope and through an acquaintance he was accepted into the Bounty Hunters guild.

All too soon, Sola was placed into the back of Kelvins thoughts as doubt about their relationship bloomed, he reveled in the hunt and kill and his powers began to grow. He was always one step ahead of his prey and other bounty hunters, the jobs the guild offered him were beginning to become more lucrative, he could see himself standing besides the likes of Boba Fett and Bossk. And then fate stepped in………

- End holo playback -

Kelvin (Kel) Kane

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