Cryptocrons are a unique form of holocron favoured my more scholarly force-users. To the untrained eye, a typical cryptocron appears to be a small cylinder formed from stacked crystal discs, each inscribed with complex patterns along its edge.

Individually, the discs look like no more than cunningly-fashioned jewellery, and indeed are often worn as such by those who wish to keep them hidden in plain sight. But when four or more are brought together, a force user can activate them to ‘snap’ them into their cylindrical form and they will stay linked until deliberately separated with an act of will.

And while they are frequently used as an aid to meditation or a mental exercise by rotating the individual sections, the real function of a Cryptocron is to act as a highly-specialised form of holocron. Each component disc is focused on a specific field of knowledge, covering it in far more depth than a Holocron can.


The Dark Jedi Fragment

Hanging from a twisted leather strap and adorned with razor-sharp fragments of what seem to be starship hull, its appearance is at stark contrast to the contents of the Cryptocron. Administered by Gelkan-Kroon, a kindly and gentle Jedi Consular with a philosophical outlook and endless patience. He teaches in an almost infuriatingly meticulous manner, teaching the way of linking the energy of one’s self in service of the protection of others.

Learn: Force power Protect/Unleash

The Recovered Antique

This fragment has been fastidiously kept – whether or not its last owner knew its true value is impossible to determine, though it seems strange that one could own such an item and not be aware of its nature. Nevertheless, Brenna Whistler the jolly human Jedi archivist that administers its secrets, is quick to read the user’s true intent and dole out information appropriately.

Learn: Force power Forsee, Sentinel Career

The Relic

Battered and chipped, this crystal appears ever-so-slightly grimy with age, no matter how often it’s cleaned. This entirely suits the crusty and staid teacher contained therein, the Mon-Calamari Dakmar-et. He is stern and strict, but the quick pupil will earn his favour.

Learn: Force power Battle Meditation, The Seeker Career

The Sage Disc

This crystal is tinted with a smoky purple swirl beneath the typical bluish-grey of Cryptocron discs, and glows slightly when manipulated. It’s teacher, Krendak Lekk, is a solemn Jedi archivist, with a deep knowledge and understanding of all things academic.

Benefit: If the owner of the Sage Disc consults Krendak Lekk on the subject of a Knowledge Check, you may add a Boost Die to your pool.


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