Ord Mantell


Ord Mantell is known as the Heart of the Bright Jewel and is famous for its thick, outer cometary cloud, which glows with a pinkish cast when viewed from space. Two large moons and thirteen other satellites orbit the planet. This collection of natural wonders makes Ord Mantell something of a tourist attraction, despite its seedier side.

Ord Mantell’s continent of Worlport boasted a sprawl of cities along its southern shore and it is this part of Ord Mantell that many spacers regard as a safeport, famous for casinos and for tourists. Other metropolitan areas lack address markings and are considered not intended for outsiders. Outside of the urban sprawl, the narrow equatorial band of starports and the volcanic islands, Ord Mantell remains largely rural and low tech. Its extreme reliance on fossil fuels keeps the planet quite barren, huge robotic coal yards fuel the planet’s cities and an immense junkyard litters a large portion of the planetscape.


if there’s one place smugglers and other ne’er-do-wells can be found, it’s Ord Mantell. Salvage rights are highly prized and there are endless rumours of lost cargo and obscure technology just waiting for the right scrapper.

Docking fees: 150 cr/day

Ord Mantell

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